marion gottero bow violin


welcome to the world of baroque bows. Here you will find a brief presentation of my bows and work. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

After finishing the International Violinmaking School of Cremona, I discovered and learned bow-making thanks to the teaching of Emilio Slaviero and Lorenzo Lazzarato.

Afterwards, I met with the bow-maker Fausto Cangelosi, with whom I continued my apprenticeship for several years. Being in contact with his work has been an important part of my learning and as we built up our working relationship I started to face the expectations and needs of renowned musicians.

During the construction of my bows I look for a marriage between original techniques and new technologies in order to gain in precision and acquire an exceptional quality of sound, taking also a special care choosing the wood.

The models result from an interpretation of originals bows, adapted to the needs of current baroque musicians.

marion gottero bow violin